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A simple utility that loads a heightmap image (PNG format recommended), extrudes it to generate a texture-mapped mesh, and exports the result in the widely-supported Wavefront OBJ format (accompanied by material definitions and placeholder textures).


  • Configurable scale factors for all axes.
  • Two height calculation options: absolute height and scale factor.
  • Optional use of separate materials for horizontal and vertical faces.
  • Optional omission of border and ground-plane faces.
  • Reasonable mesh structure: vertices are shared where possible and basic optimization is employed to limit the triangle count (e.g., large flat rectangular areas are represented by a single pair of triangles).
  • A maximum image pixel count of 65,536 (256 x 256 pixels if the image is square).
  • Superfluous alternate texture set.

Features I may add in the future:

  • UV mapping scale factors (currently pixel dimensions and the value of the red channel are mapped one-to-one to UV coordinates).
  • A command-line interface for batch processing of heightmaps.

Created for The Tool Jam using the Godot Engine.

To obtain the path of a file or directory:

  1. Navigate to the parent directory of the file or directory in Windows File Explorer.
  2. Hold the shift key and right-click on the file or directory.
  3. Select "Copy as path" from the context menu.

This operation is also available in the toolbar under Home > Copy path when a file or directory is selected. The quotation marks at the start and end of the path must be removed after it is pasted into one of the input fields.

I originally used Godot's FileDialog class for file/directory selection, but it has a few rough edges so I decided to use text fields instead (which are also more amenable to automation using a tool like AutoIt).


heightmap-extruder-windows-v1.0.0.zip 12 MB

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