A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Uncle Ben's in too deep and Spider-Man is the only person he can trust to finish the job.


  • Procedurally-generated chunk of Manhattan.
  • First-person web swinging.
  • Tragic origin story.

The General Idea

  • Click the left or right mouse button to fire a web.
  • Hold to swing from it.
  • Release to let go.
  • Both the left- and right-hand webs can be active at the same time.
  • Webs can only attach to objects within a certain range. You can't swing across the entire city using a single web! That's just crazy!
  • >>> You can jump if you're holding on to one or more webs. <<<

Default Controls

Look: Mouse
Fire/release left-hand web: Press/release left mouse button
Fire/release right-hand web: Press/release right mouse button
Jump: Spacebar (available when standing on something or holding on to one or more webs)
Walk: W or up arrow key
Exit game: Escape


Bogus Spider-Man - Windows.zip 15 MB
Bogus Spider-Man - Mac.zip 17 MB
Bogus Spider-Man - Linux.zip 18 MB


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hilarious and fun..Great work 5 stars

its so scuffed....

I love it.

nice work i love it


I loved the origin story and the voice work. next year you should make a project which generates bogus spiderman voiceovers.


Thanks, glad you got a kick out of it! Procedurally-generated voiceovers is an intriguing idea...

I liked it!

Thanks for the video and for finding the "reset city" bug! Also, sorry for your laborious climb up city hall; I've updated the description above to emphasize that it's possible to jump while holding a web even if you're not standing on something.